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I Want a Better Life

Connected Relationships,
More Money, Pristine Health, Great Job/Career, Etc

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I Want a Deeper
Spiritual Connection

Complete Inner Connection,
Deep Peace, Absolute Joy,
Pure Happiness

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I Want It All

My Best Life with a Deep Spiritual Connection

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Reinvent Your Material World

We all have a programmed desire to “Have More.” More money, more toys things, more toys We are deeply ingrained to move away from pain and toward Pleasure.

This usually shows up first with the desire to have more Worldly or Creature Comforts.  For some it is as basic as survival needs like food and shelter and for others it is a new car or a a better relationship..

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Spiritual Connection

Regardless of whether your Day to Day World is working perfectly, you are here because there is a yearning  for something that is beyond what you can see. This deep yearning pulls you to focus on a deeper Awareness about Yourself and Life.

Relationships are Your Tool to Learn About Yourself

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My Best Life with a Deep Spiritual Connection

You have it all, Material world happiness and joy and a deep spiritual connection to who you truly are.

Enlightenment means being able to ‘See’ and ‘BE’ the Light that you Truly Are.  This happens here.

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“Happiness can only be experienced through our own unique prism of life and we all get to choose what that will be!” Esateys


For over 30 years Esateys has been facilitating and guiding people and businesses through speaking, seminars, retreats, and private coaching to discover and Breakthrough their limitations to create extraordinary shifts in their lives.

Personal Coaching

Esateys has developed a proven proprietary Self-Awareness  System to help you identify and breakthrough your blocks. Through her intuitive 1 on 1 Coaching and Group Coaching you will design a powerful Personal Life Plan that will empower you to have the life you really want.

In Person Retreats

 For over 30 years Esateys has been facilitating life transformlng retreats and private events ranging from Relationship Mastery, Mindset Mastery and Creating a Life with Unlimited Joy and Abundance  .Learn pragmatic tools to Live in the World of Possibility

Take Esateys Home with You

Powerful Online Programs to Create Your Breakthrough in Just Seven Weeks. Experience the Ultimate Breakthrough Solution you have been longing for

I just listened to your class and realized that I’ve been on the fence and not stepping into my power. Because of your class I now know that I must follow the calling of my soul.

Mary Ann
Mary Ann

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I just listened to your class and realized that I’ve been on the fence and not stepping into my power. Because of your class I now know that I must follow the calling of my soul.

Mary Ann
Mary Ann


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Do You Really Want To Be In A Relationship?

Most people look for relationship out there to fulfill something within themselves. They tend to look for love in all the wrong places and fail to see within themselves the real reason why they really want to be in a relationship. With all the hullabaloo in relationship, it can be helpful to hear some techniques.

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The 5 Essential Keys To Getting Relationship Right: Where Did I Leave The Manual?
The test of relationship is the test that we go through every moment of every day when we’re with someone or even when we aren’t. When we’re with someone that we love and want to be with, it doesn’t mean that we have it easier.

Relationships are more than what we perceive them to be. They are not Band-Aid solutions that fix us temporarily from what our life currently looks like; nor are they about just being romantically involved with someone. Relationships, simply, are not about being separate from one’s self; rather, a relationship is your own personal development.

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