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Know thy Self

Start Changing Your Life Today!

 The Truth About Self Discovery and Awakening

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When True Happiness and Peace are What You Seek

See to Be Free

The ability to see Life from a more expansive and comprehensive vantage point changes everything. You will open to Joy beyond what you ever imagined was possible.

Letting go of the fog and the illusion of life can only occur when you can fully See, everything . Clarity brings Peace and Joy.

Experience the Freedom to Be YOU

Imagine feeling safe, loved, and able to live Life YOUR way. Imagine being able to lovingly speak what you truly feel, with anyone at any time. How would it feel and what would you do if you were Free of all fear and limitations? This IS Possible through Awareness and Self-Discovery!

Who Are You Really?

Which mask do you wear when you are around certain people? How many faces do you really have? Are you clear and confident or foggy and unsure? When we Know our True Self, we feel Joy, Peace, and Contentment. Self Discovery is getting to know the deepest parts of yourself, even the parts that we judge and only see Love.


Esateys has developed a proven proprietary Self-Awareness System to help you identify and breakthrough your blocks. Through her intuitive 1 on 1 Coaching and Group Coaching you will design a powerful Personal Life Plan that will empower you to have the life you really want.


For over 30 years Esateys has been facilitating life transformlng retreats and private events ranging from Relationship Mastery, Mindset Mastery and Creating a Life with Unlimited Joy and Abundance .Learn pragmatic tools to Live in the World of Possibility

Programs by Esateys

Powerful Online Programs to Create Your Breakthrough in Just Seven Weeks. Experience the Ultimate Breakthrough Solution you have been longing for

What My Wonderful Clients Say

Tisha M. Middleton, Iowa​


When we were coaching, you had me write a story for life as I would like it to be… Faithfully and full of emotion the letter was lived in my mind. Hmmm guess what?? Hehe I am married to that man, live in that place, and headed towards abundance in fruitful relationships and prosperity, feel at peace (95%), utter faith and trust spiritually. I am so blessed to have you in my life, you are a good one. Thank you for being the wonderful you!

Dan Razumovsky


A lot has changed for me since you and I spoke last. I have gotten so much negative energy out of my life since then, I feel so much better, I can breath easier. Even my girlfriend has noticed. I have changed up my diet to only healthy foods, working out and going to yoga to become more in tune with my self. The teachings you have taught me I am using them and they are working. At first, I would say I was in a fog and haze from life, now I have clarity not just from energy but understanding. It's very delicate to explain the feeling. I'm am truly thankful for what you have taught me, I apply it to my life and I am getting better With profound gratitude,



I was just now thinking of you! Thank YOU for your love, generosity and wonderful insights! I am feeling alright, feeling open and vulnerable. I felt this overwhelming love during my meditation and I shed a lot of tears this morning. Feeling quite vulnerable today and I attribute that to the opening since our call yesterday. I am so grateful for you Esateys. Much love and gratitude,

Ruben West - Regional Director American Surgical Assistants, Inc

Retreat/ Working with

I met Esateys at a live event in Chicago, IL. I immediately noticed her desire to help others grow, develop, and prosper. She has so much to teach and share and yet, she remains humble. It’s been said that “you can’t see the picture when you are in the frame” and I understand that all too well. However, Esateys has the unique ability to see things hidden within us and empower us to grow in all areas of life. If you are looking for a life changing experience; work with Esateys!

Olga Smith Dongvillo

Retreat/ Working with

I am so glad to have you as one of my trusted Spiritual Mentors who has been able to show me both sides of the story.

Ginny Palm Springs, CA

Retreat/ Working with

I have met many teachers, seminar leaders and ministers as I have traveled the road of self-improvement and spirituality over many years. I have known and studied with Esateys for 15 years, and she is always the same wonderful, inspiring person “on stage and off.” She “practices what she teaches” and lives her life as a shining example of how we can be, do and have what we want in life. I highly recommend her retreats, webinars, facebook live, podcasts and programs all offered on her website. Guaranteed to make a difference in your life!

Brian Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

Retreat/ Working with

Never before have I attended a workshop that has made such a profound change in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your dedication is an inspiration to me and I will draw on your strength whenever I feel weak.

Nancy C.

Retreat/ Working with

My life has changed radically since I attended several workshops with you. I am much clearer about what I am committed to doing in my life and have even moved to the location where I wanted to be. I’m feeling a new level of confidence as I use the tools I learned from you. I am already seeing results. I can truly say that “I love my life”! Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance.

Andrea Princeton, NJ

Create or Reignite

I just wanted to thank for your program, Create or Reignite Your Perfect Relationship. My husband and I had some serious problems in our marriage that was making us both miserable. .I was very skeptical that your program could help, but I just trusted that there was a better way. After I listened to it, I made my husband listen to it with me. What a gift that was. It helped both of us see things differently and got us to give up blaming the other. It opened our communication and respect for each other. I finally felt heard when I would speak to him and that made me feel a lot closer to him. We still have more work to do and I am going to listen to Relationships and Beyond next. I can’t wait. Thank you soooooo much.

Gail Sag Harbor


Your eBook , 8 Tell Tale Signs really opened my eyes about my relationship. I have been married for 10 years and after reading this I realized our relationship has become stale and frankly not with a lot of passion. Your 8 points really gave me a wake up call. I am going to show this to my husband right away to start seeing what we can improve. Thanks so much.



One thing really rang true for me when I read the 8 Tell Tale Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble. The part about not telling the truth just opened up a giant awareness that I had never thought about before. After reading it I realized that if I was not telling the truth or my boyfriend was not telling the truth we had a ‘shamn’ relationship and couldn’t really speak what was really on our mind. If I couldn’t be authentic and speak my truth, I started wondering why I should be in that relationship in the first place? Thanks so much for opening my eyes to this major cause of my unhappiness. And your suggestions about how to address this were right on. Thanks a bunch.



Hi Rafael & Esateys, Listened to the program on "Create or Reignite The Perfect Relationship", this past weekend, alot of valuable & enlightening information.Wish, I would have gotten this "information" before, I started on my "Journey" in relationships.....smile.I really had a "pattern" going on, different person same pattern.I was in alot of "abusive" relationships,(also, childhood) looking for "love",( in all the wrong places).This information really helped me to take a deep, honest look at,"myself", my patterns,insecurities and fears.This relationship, I'am in now, is 35yrs (domestic partner) and the "communication", has never been right, he does not like "confrontation". He, is not on the same "path" (spiritual), so, its true, its alot more difficult. Thank You! Alot, for me to contemplate on. Love & Blessings







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