The More You Know About Yourself
The More Connected You Will Be to Your True Self
Where Are You Hiding From Yourself?
The More You Know About Yourself
The Happier and Free You Will Be

What is Most Important to You?


Connected Relationships

Relationships are the Mirror to Your True Sel


All Change Begins with Awareness and Consciousness

Authenticity and Integrity

Who You are Inside determines Your Outside World

"Discover the Wisdom of Your Heart" Esateys

Awaken to the Light that You Are

Living From the Heart and Beyond Your Mind


Self- Discovery will give you the True answer.

If you do not know Who You Really Are your decisions are made from the beliefs, programs, concepts, and indoctrinations that we all have acquired since birth.

True Meaning, Purpose, Real Happiness, and Peace can only be achieved when we actually know what we want and we can’t know what we want unless we ‘Know’ ourselves.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

Discover ‘Knowing’.

Our indoctrination started at birth.

Without reference points, we look to our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, the internet, TV, etc.

This becomes our way of thinking and believing.

One day we become aware of the incongruence between what we have been told and what we feel. 

The clarity to differentiate that conflict is found through Self-Discovery.

Who Am I, and What Am I doing here? These are two of the most important questions we can ask ourselves.

 These questions uncover your Wisdom and leads you to Connection, Clarity, Health, True Purpose, Happiness, and Peace.

This is a powerful mantra to ask yourself  throughout the day.

When this is spoken with deep desire your Life will change rapidly.

The Building Blocks

Do you want Self-Discovery fast? 


Learn the gifts of how to make all Relationships be an accelerated avenue to really Knowing Yourself.

You will experience ALL Relationships beautifully when you ‘Know’ yourself.

The key to Self Discovery and all personal change and development can only happen when we are Aware of what we are thinking, doing, and perceiving in every aspect of our Lives.

Awareness brings clarity which instills courage, empowerment, passion, motivation, and Inner Connection.

Inner Connection is your True Power and all growth, change and expansion can only occur from here.

Self-Discovery shows us Who We Really Are. 

When you know Who You Really Are you become humble and filled with Grace, Love, Passion, and the Adventure of Life.

Your Purpose becomes clear. The mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual fog clears, Happiness, Peace, and whatever success is for you, happens.

For most to experience and live in this state of Awareness and Consciousness a reverse-engineering is necessary.

This means we take a clear, honest look at who we ‘pretended’ to be. 

Today is the day to “Make the Unknown, Known”.

An important and critical way to move quickly and sustain  movement and Self-Discovery is by being in a community of like-minded people. 

Those searching not only for a sense of Oneness but also Safety, Love, Acceptance, and being ‘gotten’ come together and show up however each person is and all hold the space of unconditionality.

These people are here.

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