Creating Your Own Reality

Have you heard that “You Create Your Own Reality”?  Well, how do you feel when you or someone you know has a serious car accident, breaks their leg, is diagnosed with cancer or has some other really challenging event occur?  

I decided to talk about this today and give you a radical perception about health issues and other things that occur in life.

Having the belief system that an event is your fault or your creation, you probably don’t feel oh so wonderful about yourself when you, a family member or someone you know has something intense happen to them.  You may feel shocked, anxious or even feel shame or guilt.

My encouragement to you is to consider a radically different perspective:  we don’t create our own reality!  I know this might be startling to hear, but it is the belief system that I now strongly embrace.

There is a plan that is happening in your life.  You are having an adventure. It is as though your life is following a script that the Who-You-Truly-Are part of you, your Source, your Creator, your God, your Spirit (whatever your word is) has set up for you.

You are here for the raw experience, not to learn something, not to pay off karmic debts, nor have you done anything wrong.  It’s more like you are on a bus going through a wild life park, looking out of the windows and getting to see zebras, elephants, and giraffes.  You are not the bus driver.  You get to see what is brought to you.

What if every day is like that?  You get to observe whatever the day brings to you.  For those of you who have studied eastern philosophy, you are familiar with the saying “Life is Just Happening.”

Who would ever decide to have cancer, break their leg or have some other apparently dreadful thing occur?  Not me and I’m guessing not you, either.

Here is a possibility to consider.  What if your personality/ego is a ‘pretend self’ of your True Self?  My perception is that my God, my Source Point, my True Self is here experiencing what is in this ‘Game Called Life’ through me.  And this is also happening for everyone else.

Game Called Life

What if you took away the mind chatter about why this is happening and simply noted, “Oh, my jaw is clenched,” “Oh, my heart is beating fast,” or “Oh, there is a sensation in my knee”?   You can say, “That’s interesting” and just observe the pure raw experience.  Give up all adjectives and what are you left with?  Just the pure raw experience which is what life is really about.

What if what I am saying is true?  What if reading this blog breaks up constricting patterns and belief systems that you have and you open to an expanded way of viewing your experience here in this Game Called Life?

Please take a breath, relax and see where you go with this new understanding.  It can be quite fun.

I did an audio recording on my podcast, “Waking Up with Esateys” where I speak in greater detail about this Radical Perception.  Please go to link to listen to the full episode.

I welcome your comments and questions.  You can connect with me below.

Until next time.

Feel a Hug,