Consider You, stress and conflict.  There is a gift in conflict.  Knowing this can change your relationship with stress forever.  You see, conflict or what I call “the rub”, creates stress and stress helps You grow and expand to new levels of You.  Fortunately, You get to decide how you are going to perceive what is happening.

Think of a recent day when you had a plan that you fully expected to follow.  Then quite out of the blue, something happened and your plans had to change.  How did you handle that situation?  Did you get upset or did you calmly take it in stride?

We live in a stressful environment.  When something happens and you feel “the rub”, you get to choose.  You can see this circumstance as an opportunity or if you were really attached to your original plan, you may tense up and fight the changes.  Which do you want, constriction or expansion, to be a victim or a master?  It’s your choice.

Consider the following perspectives about stress.

  • Stressful situations are an opportunity to create something new.  
  • Stress or conflict is about movement.  It is going to create more of something just like rubbing two sticks together creates heat.
  • Your growth on a spiritual level is occurring because of stress.
  • When there is conflict, be sure to stay very present in those moments.
  • Develop the ability to stay in observation.  Observing your thoughts, feelings and reactions rather than getting caught up in them is a position of strength.
  • Remind yourself that this situation is a gift.  Get curious about how this is so.  Remember times when you have discovered important gifts that came out of circumstances that seemed very stressful at the time.Avoiding Conflict

Stress is an on-going part of life.  You can become a master of dealing with stress by not resisting, but by instead welcoming each conflict as an opportunity to grow. This is Non-Resistive Living.  This is a road to Joy and Absolute Freedom!

Each time you feel “the rub” you have a powerful chance to start seeing a bigger picture.  You can practice looking at things from an expanded point of view by making a list of things you consider stressful in your life.  Ask yourself, “What’s great about this that I’m not seeing?”  Don’t work at trying to figure it out.  Just stay in curiosity and openness.  You’ll be surprised at the insights and new levels of awareness that will come to you.  Who knows what gifts and new opportunities will show up!

I did an audio recording on my podcast, “Waking Up with Esateys” entitled Your Relationship with Stress and Conflict.  Please go to link to listen to the full episode.

I welcome your comments.  Please share your experiences and ask your questions below.  I will be happy to respond.

Until next time.

Feel a Hug,