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My work and my passion are about inspiring and empowering people to be all they can be and to have everything that they desire in life.
I teach and educate on how to create joy, purpose and success.

Esateys has three signature talks that she can deliver to the given audience.  However, no two of her talks are ever the same because they are driven by what her audience needs to hear.  The signature talks are the foundational building blocks of what Esateys teaches on, in a smaller setting.

Her three signature talks are:

“Business from the Inside Out” 

“Living Life from the Inside Out” 

“Relationships from the Inside Out”

Or she can deliver a customized talk for your organization

Esateys has the ability to speak to the ”energy” of her audience. By this, I mean she will read the energy in the room to determine the most burning question or concern that people have and speak to those questions or concerns. This is all done quite seamlessly and happens quite naturally.  

Esateys speaks, teaches and educates from  a “macro view”, a high-level view. She is able to connect with the participants through this “energy”.  By giving the listener a new and different set of lenses, Esateys enables the listener to see, perceive and understand things from a different perspective. Esateys, self-named, the “Option Queen’ presents a differing perspective and leaves it to the listener to determine what resonates with him/her.

The general theme of her talks is to reinforce to the listener that there is more, much more, to who they think they are.  They get to see and understand their exceptional capabilities and talents combined with the energy within themselves that will help these qualities come forward and manifest. 

Her message:  

  • You are 100% responsible for everything in your life
  • You have a Force or Power within yourself that is available to help you have exactly what you desire.
  • You shape your life by your perception of everything around you and that is what creates your reality
  • And much much more

The process of “Seeing” what is real as distinct from what is manufactured by the Ego personality.


Identify the Core Beliefs that are keeping you from Being Happy


We are in relationship with everything in our world. Our partners, our family, our friends, our money, our health, our environment.


Fix the problem in the business or in our career (ie better marketing, more education, hire better people, change jobs) or we can recognize that the problem is not with the business it is within you.


Building a strong client relationship helps you set up for repeat business and a stable profit flow.


Mind mastery is the key to discovering your true self and explore your strengths and weaknesses.


Esateys is a visionary and macro educator whose mission is empowering and transforming people’s lives and our World at large. As a macro thinker she is able to “See” the bigger picture of what is happening and utilizes this Awakened state to create a new paradigm of Mindset Mastery and Awareness which is the core building block of her powerful work.
She is an Expert in the Human condition, with a proven ability to see through the blocks and programs that prevent people from realizing their fullest potential and achieving everything that they want.
Esateys specializes in Relationship Mastery as the gateway to personal growth/development and self-empowerment. Her advanced work demystifies the illusion of the personality and provides a greater understanding and strategies for how to live in Peace and Joy in what she calls ”Non-resistive Living.”
For over 30 years Esateys has been facilitating and guiding people and businesses through speaking, seminars, retreats, and private coaching to discover and Breakthrough their limitations to create extraordinary shifts in their lives. 

Esateys is a life changing presence. She holds a space for us in which a vortex of transformative energies raise our consciousness, free us from dysfunctional patterns and connect us with our inner wisdom sources.

C. C.

Why Have Esatseys Speak at Your Event?

The simple answer: “RESULTS”

Do You Want Something Different and Life changing?
Do you want your attendees to see the bigger picture and recognize where the forest ends and they can begin?
Do you want your attendees to be empowered to really making a difference?


Esateys inspires through her Passion and makes it infectious. Esateys inspires through her commitment to being all she can be and shows others how to do the same.


Esateys & the Ultimate Relationship Academy | All Rights Reserved 2019

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