Your brain is expanding in ways that may surprise you.  We’re all aware of stress in our lives.  Have you ever considered how stress expands the brain?    This is actually happening whether you notice it or not.  And what’s more, if you choose to, you can add some powerful momentum to what is already unfolding with your growing brain!  How exciting is that!?


Just to clarify, your brain is the physical container for your mind.  Both your brain and your mind are expanding.  There are new cellular aspects of your brain that are now literally being activated. There are also neural pathways in the brain that are opening up.  

How is this happening?  Well, just look at the amount of stimuli we experience on a daily basis.  We hear of conflicts from all over the world.  We experience a barrage of stimuli from walking through a mall, looking at CNN or other TV programs with all the visual and auditory information, getting texts, tweets and other alerts and so forth.  We are inundated with information!  And, if we have a quiet moment, we can call a friend or go on the internet to play a game or search out all kinds of additional input.

All of this is stretching the brain.  It’s kind of like going to the gym to work out.  You can build muscle, gain endurance and strength by stressing your body in positive ways.  Similarly, our minds and our brains have so many things to attend to, they really must grow to new levels to be able to accommodate to our fast-paced society.

You’ve probably heard that we only use a small portion of our brain.  This is changing.  Over time, I believe we will see ourselves able to focus on more than one thing at a time, we will be able to access information that we have stored whenever we need it and at an amazing speed.  We will become aware of what I call data packets and these will eventually interrelate in ways that totally new inventions and understandings come forth.

growing brain

Here are some ways you can have the fun of consciously participating in this amazing expansion that is happening.  

  • Recognize that your mind is opening up and giving information to the brain, that physical container for the mind.
  • Develop a relationship with your mind and your brain by taking the time to sit quietly and connect with them.
  • Express gratitude by saying, “I am so excited and grateful for the new pathways and capabilities my brain and mind are developing.”
  • All you need to do is set your intention.
  • Say, “Take me beyond where it is that my mind knows to go.”
  • “I’m committed to having my brain be more expanded than it ever has been before.”

Enjoy this adventure that we are all living.  Thank the stress in your life for the gifts it is bestowing upon you.  Use the momentum in your life to move you forward in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams.

I did an audio recording on my podcast, “Waking Up with Esateys” entitled Stress Expands the Brain.  Please go to link to listen to the full episode.

I welcome your comments and look forward to hearing your experiences.  Please ask your questions below.  I will be happy to respond.

Until next time.

Feel a Hug,