What is SURRENDER and how can surrender lead to JOY?  I know surrender happens in battles, it happens when law enforcement captures a suspect, but what could that possibly have to do with me?  Does it mean I must give up my desires, be a doormat, have no control, accept something I don’t like?  Absolutely not!

Leads to Joy

This morning I was thinking about a lot of people I know who are going through some difficult things.  With the intense energies that are affecting us all that you may have heard me speaking about and with the way life has its ebbs and flows, many people are experiencing challenges.  I believe such circumstances are excellent opportunities to learn about surrender and how it can lead to joy.


Surrender means allowing ourselves to just BE WITH WHAT IS.  That can be easy when things are going the way you would like them to go.  But what about the times you are not feeling well or someone dear to you is having a difficult time or the weather is off the charts in an extreme way?  Surely you can think of many other examples of when you’ve felt challenged by circumstances.

So how do you BE WITH WHAT IS when the situation is rocky?  Well, first let’s look at what you don’t do.  You don’t fight or resist the circumstances, you don’t try to change what’s happening and you don’t try to fix it.

In other words, stay with the raw feeling and energy without applying any adjectives.  Just feel without labeling, reacting or responding.

What you do is observe what’s going on and BE with it.  You can breathe into it if you feel you really must do something.  At the same time put your focus on being the best possible observer ever.

It is a powerful thing to simply notice where in your body you’re having a feeling or sensation and to let go of stressing about what’s happening.  When you are with what is, your tension dissolves away.  Try it!  And along the way, notice how your familiar fretful thought patterns show up, and when you do, just let them move on through instead of reacting or ‘doing’ something with them.  Relax and remind yourself, “This is just life happening.”

surrender lead to JOY

Consider this: your pictures of how you think your life is supposed to be may not actually be in your best interest.  Those ideas may be coming from what I call recycled ignorance.  In other words, old programs and beliefs may be running the show.  If you keep holding on to those, you are very likely feeling miserable about what is actually happening.  You may also be so busy fighting what is that you’ll miss the amazing surprises, experiences and wisdom that could be available to you.

Since most everyone desires a sense of peace and connection internally, being in surrender can be the path there no matter what the outward circumstances.  You will no longer be at the mercy of what’s happening.  Making peace with what is through surrendering can make a significant difference in your life!

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